My boy is 2 years old and he is strong. What size should I choose?

Our clothes have been thought out and designed according to the age of the child. He will probably be able to dress up our 3bc 1-3 year old kit. However, if he is taller/heavier for his age, we suggest you consider the 3-5 year old kit. We invite you to see our size guide.

To view our size guide, click here.


Are your clothes made overseas?

Absolutely not! We are very proud of it. Creation and manufacturing are done in the region. In addition, our featured fabric | our hoodie | is woven here in Montreal and dyed in Ontario.


Are your clothes designed by hand? 

All our clothes are designed by a team of seamstresses from the region. Each piece has been handled with care. 


Can I make a return if my items are not working for any reason?

If an item has been damaged, we will handle each claim personally.

*Tags must still be attached to garments and request must be submitted within 10 days of purchase.

To apply, simply send an email to

However, for ecological reasons, we will not accept any returns. 3bc evolutionary clothes were developed to extend the life of a garment and also to avoid making a mistake in size. Each size covers 2 years; which greatly facilitates shopping. 

To view our full return policy, click here.


Will the colors of 3bc garments stay intact after one wash?

We did the washing tests. If the cleaning steps (see labels on the clothes) are followed to the letter, the colors will remain beautiful.  


If I want to get a gift card, what should I do? 

You just have to visit our online store, it is possible to purchase a virtual gift card.


What is the delivery delay?

We will process all orders within 72 hours on business days. Then, depending on the destination, delivery times are approximately 2 to 5 days. So, you can expect to receive your garments in an overall turnaround time of 10 days or less.


Is delivery free?

Yes, for orders over 5 before taxes.


If you have any other questions; we are here. Write to us at