Behind 3boyzclub



Mom at home for a few years, I made the choice to devote myself full time to the education of my 3 boys. It was in June 2020 that I decided to create my very first Instagram page, 3boyzclub, and to mainly involve my boys.

On this page, I share bits of my life and different playful and/or educational content. Inspired by my community of nearly 3,000 subscribers, I decided to take advantage of my experience and use my Instagram page as a springboard and communication tool to launch, with my business partner and friend Audrey, 3boyzclub, a new brand of growing clothes and accessories for young boys.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in school and social adaptation and a technique of childhood education. I did several internships before accepting, at the end of my university studies, various contracts as a remedial teacher, teacher and/or educator. 3boyzclub is ultimately the natural extension of my passion for children.


AUDREY, NOLAN, NOAH ET NATHAN (from right to left)

Moms of boys will tell you: the choice of clothes for little men is half of what we find for girls. No kidding: when I shop for my boyz, I inevitably turn to the girls' side for my three nieces - the choice is much more interesting there.

3boyzclub came from a desire of two moms of boyz  to do things differently; we simmered ideas before finding our very first niche. That of evolutionary clothes, with a timeless and comfortable look for boys on the move.

And we wanted to go further by offering clothes made here, like our main fabric, the cotton sweatshirt, woven here in Montreal and ouj clothes are made here by our team of seamstresses is from our region. We are proud of it!

3bc is Marie-Josée's idea and she did me the honor of embarking on the adventure with her by becoming her partner. Our friendship goes back to when our boys were very young (and some not even born!) I knew right away that I was going to befriend her. We complement each other well. Marie-Josée's expertise in the world of childhood combined with mine in communication-marketing makes us a great team.

We have crazy plans for 3boyzclub and we hope you'll be part of the adventure!