Traveling with young children: What to bring on the plane?

Traveling with children can seem daunting the first time. But when you are well prepared, it will be suuuuuper easy. (Well, we must also keep in mind that traveling with children will NEVER be the same as traveling between adults.)

I share with you some essentials so that the plane trip goes smoothly.


Lots of snacks and water

I am quite convinced that all children are the same: they are always hungry! And a little hunger can quickly turn into a tornado if you don't give snacks. So in each backpack (both the children's and ours) we fill a snack pouch. It helps us through the entire process, from waiting through security to landing at our destination. Besides, if you didn't know it, you can bring almost any food, the important thing is to have consumed it before going through customs at your destination. And for water, we all bring our reusable water bottles that we refill after going through airport security.

Blanket and comfortable clothes

The air on planes is often cool, so I always bring small blankets in addition to dressing the children (and us!) in several layers of clothing. Comfortable pants, like evolutionary jogging, t-shirt and hoodie. Without forgetting warm socks! Everything to make sure everyone is 100% comfortable for the duration of the flight.


Compact and silent games

You have to find a way to occupy the children during the flight without disturbing everyone around. Before leaving, I make sure to charge the tablet and download movies for my youngest. For my oldest, we give him his game console… Both, with headphones! I also bring other small games to occupy them:

  • Magnetibooks from Janod
  • Dobble games, Rush Hour or even small Smart Games
  • Stickers and paper

Noise canceling headphones or earplugs

If, like my boy, you have a child who is sensitive to noise, I strongly advise you to bring noise-canceling headphones or earplugs (depending on his age). It helps a lot with pressure management and honestly, we couldn't live without it! It really changed everything when we put it on my son.


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