For your little boyz with a tender heart 🥰

The return to reality is approaching.

Yes, yes, it will be back to school or group changes at daycare in the next few days.

This return to school rhymes with the family routine being back. We will quietly say goodbye to summer to make way for a beautiful time of year despite everything. 🍂

Some children are excited by this change, others are much less….!

Well, Leo and Emma had a great idea to accompany your love. 😉

Here is the 3bc heart. ❤️

The heart slips into the small 3boyzclub pocket that we find on ALL our clothes!

It's simple! Mom and/or dad will give one or a lot of kisses on the heart in the morning to accompany and comfort their child, in their own way, throughout the day.

If the child is sad, he will remember that he received a ton of kisses in the morning on his heart. He will only have to put his hand in his pocket to remember that his parent(s) are thinking of him.

This is how the child will feel comforted with his little 3bc heart. He will certainly have a wonderful day with his friends.

Did you place your order? The heart will be with your next order.