YES DAY: A challenge for this summer

Have you seen the movie Yes Day? The plot is quite simple: you give your children a day where everything they ask for, you have to say yes.

There are still some rules: it must not exceed a certain budget, it cannot alter the future (buy a dog, sell the house… you see the type!), and it must be legal and moral!

I tried it last year and surprisingly my kids didn't ask me for extravagant things. They just wanted to do activities with me and eat ice cream for dinner!

It was really a beautiful day and it allowed me to see how often I say No to trivial things that make my children happy and that are not so complicated in the end.

From morning to night, we spend our time running and telling them that we don't have time. We are in a hurry and too much in our routines. Life goes so fast. We have forgotten the simplicity of childhood and the beauty of life.

Saying yes to your children also means saying yes to:

  • Eat waffles for supper;

  • Play Barbies, Lego, crafts;

  • Dancing in your pajamas between two bites of chocolate crepes;

  • Embark on an imaginary world of knight and princess;

  • Jump in puddles, pick dandelions and collect earthworms.

By saying Yes , you create priceless memories with your children.

As adults, we don't live enough in the unexpected. We attach great importance to our responsibilities. (They will always be there, the responsibilities. Why not take a little break?)

What if we allowed ourselves the right to be in the present moment to just laugh, play, be passionate?

Fancy an ice cream for dinner on a Monday night? Do it!

Do your kids want to pick up candy at the convenience store in their pajamas? Leave them!

Does your teen challenge you to do a Tik Tok dance? Go!

Dip your head in the water even if it messes your hair, participate in the water balloon fight even if the water is cold, have a funny face contest with your children even if other adults are watching you.

Let yourself go. Say yes to your children. Make a YES DAY!